Our Story

As life-long backcountry skiers, we manufacture ski gear and solutions for the modern backcountry and freeskier, right here in Colorado.  

Imagine a new age of skiing with seemingly endless ski and binding combinations. With countless binding and ski options available, we've mastered gear design and an approach to meet the ever-changing demands of our sport. Simply put, our products are designed for the skiers who spend their days at resorts or in the back country and want gear that offers durability, performance, and flexibility.  As telemark and alpine skiers, we spend as much time in the backcountry as in the resort, and we have found that we were not alone in needing a better, affordable solution for switching out our AT, alpine or telemark gear to best meet the needs of the day.

Our solution? We developed a line of hardware products, tools and a process that gives you the mobility to switch out your bindings for the day's conditions or to pack in more boards for your ski travels. As we've grown, we have focused on balancing the simplicity of design with functionality of a customized application.

As a result, we’ve created the products and a process that will stand up to the harshest conditions, whether you’re lapping in-bounds steeps, climbing a skin track, or hitting a kicker in the park.

Thanks for checking out Quiver Killer. We hope to see you out in the mountains.